Daily Dose #9

#CrisisProvesCharacter: Has your crisis created an opportunity? (DAY 9/30)

Going through physical therapy not only challenges your body to relearn its normal functions but trying to recall your daily activities to your doctor and therapist presents their own set of challenges. I have done both and forgetting to disclose a prescribed activity can really complicate your recovery. Well, after a terrible car accident, Raven McNeal found herself with 16 weeks of physical therapy and several more follow up visits to the doctor for her neck and back injuries. While in transition from Chicago to Phoenix, Raven’s experience led her to taking a plunge into the tech space with some help from a local organization, where she learned to code and developed from scratch the mobile application Heal Me Fit. This app allows patients to track one’s at-home exercise program progress and provide their physical therapist/chiropractor with this data. You can learn more about Raven and her story at Heal Me Fit and http://voyagephoenix.com/…/meet-raven-mcneal-heal-fit-inc-…/

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