Daily Dose #8

#CrisisProvesCharacter: Can crisis redirect your purpose? (DAY 8/30)

Last week, I had the opportunity to meet this brother from Atlanta. I didn’t know what to expect from the conversation, I just knew that God was ordering my steps. I’m pretty sure what he has experienced would have taken most folks out but not him. Tiran Jackson‘s life was rocked to the core on June 30, 2018, when he lost his wife and leg, during a tragic boat explosion while celebrating their 15th wedding anniversary in the Bahamas, that left him fighting for his life. With a 12-year-old son searching for answers, Tiran had to be beyond strong… Survivor’s remorse, PTSD, physical and mental therapy, all while holding it together for his son. Now, Tiran shares his story of loss, faith, and love with the hopes of helping others who are dealing with crisis, even as he continues to embrace his new reality. You can learn more about Tiran and his story at Reborn Resilient #rebornresilient

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