Daily Dose #17

#CrisisProvesCharacter: Did your calling prepare you for this crisis?

In 2012, I was nominated to join a group called the Young Elected Officials Network (YEO). They were only two requirements to become a member, 1) elected to public office and 2) be under the age of 35. During that time I have been able to become good friends with some extraordinary public servants, one of them being the 46th Mayor of Saint Paul, Melvin Carter, and is Minnesota‚Äôs capital city. Since his undergrad days at FAMU, Melvin has been advocating for equal representation and justice throughout his state and nation. As the protests resume over the police killing of George Floyd, he has shown the brand of leadership we could only wish was coming out of the White House. Melvin is the voice of calm and tempered anger with the expectancy that justice will prevail. Also, he is the son of a retired Minneapolis policeman, so he understands the delicate balance of praying daily for the safe return home of his father and wanting justice for bad actors. You can learn more about Mayor Melvin and his story at http://www.melvincarter.org/

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