Daily Dose #14

#CrisisProvesCharacter: Did crisis test your agility? (DAY 14/30)

The COVID-19 pandemic has done a number on everyone’s quality of life and no one has been immune from its devastation. Change can come abruptly and depending on the perspective determines whether that can be a good or bad thing. Small businesses deemed non-essential have laid off employees and most will not recover, once they can reopen for business. In most cases for Black-owned businesses, this has been catastrophic. For co-owner, Keeana Barber of WDB Marketing, being able to adapt their printing business will allow them to go from pandemic victim to victor. “6 months ago you never could have told me we’d have to shut down or furlough our workers but in life change is inevitable and the only way to survive is to ADAPT” says Barber. Now, instead of screening t-shirts or business cards, they are now printing COVID safety and warning signs. You can learn more about Keana and her story at www.SignsForCovid.com.

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