Daily Dose #11

#CrisisProvesCharacter: Did the crisis make you a myth buster (DAY 11/30)

Historically, as it relates to fatherhood, men have left to fend for himself and that is evident by the lack of financial, housing, or medical-related resources not available on the Federal, state, or local levels. Imagine being a Black teenage father in a life of poverty, yet wanting to be a better man, parent, and provider but there’s nowhere to turn for help. Daily brothers are combatting the misnomer that our Black children are growing up fatherless and are being raised by the streets but that’s not the case.

Sheldon Smith, like myself, was a product of teenage parents, a sporadic father, and being poor, including becoming teenage fathers. By the age of 17, Sheldon received a felony for armed robbery. At the age of 20, he dropped out of college and became a father. Motivated by fatherhood, he started the Dovetail Project to help young fathers and to make sure children had better relationships with their fathers and better opportunities for their lives. Sheldon has raised over $3 million and more than 400 young fathers have graduated from The Dovetail Project. As he continues to shatter Black fatherhood stereotypes, he has been honored as a CNN Hero and Muhammad Ali Humanitarian Award. You can learn more about Sheldon and his story at https://thedovetailproject.org.

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