Daily Dose #10

#CrisisProvesCharacter: Has crisis made you complacent? (DAY 10/30)

To my entrepreneurial mind, I initially looked at the COVID-19 pandemic stay-at-home orders as a blessing to start a new venture…” working remotely with full-time employment, with my family, and I could be in my laboratory around the clock.” However, being in the safety of home, made me mentally too safe. My enthusiasm and excitement dwindled like watching the wick of a candle starting to dimmer in a pool of melted wax. Some of you might be in a similar predicament but the good news is, it’s not too late to turn yourself around. After some meditation and quiet time with God is the reason how and why this daily post got conjured up. All I needed to do was to step into my purpose and channel my efforts. It has been pretty awesome and rewarding speaking with those that I’ve profiled about their stories. I didn’t know what type of life this daily post will turn into but if one of these stories can just help one person, I’ll be fine with that. Until tomorrow, be blessed!

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