Daily Dose #3

#CrisisProvesCharacter: Does a crisis have you second-guessing your purpose? Has a crisis got you shook? (DAY 3/30)

Coming off a terrible family loss in 2015 and being under-employed had me flat on my back. Early 2016 would deliver the deathblow, though God would later reveal that the setback was merely a setup for something greater. I was beyond lost in the storm and didn’t even realize it. As life knocked the wind out of me, I began to reflect on how I wound up there in the first place. Prior to 2015, so I thought I had life by the brass with all of my next moves well planned out with surgical precision. After that, I spent a few more years, analyzing my horrible decisions as I mentally replayed each bad shot and bad pass to the point of intoxication. Then it hit me like a ton of bricks! I wasn’t living for the right things. Even with all the early success in life, beyond my increased social-capital, I didn’t truly understand “why” I was doing any of it. Now, I could attempt to lay blame on a trail of unequal starts from my humble beginnings but the truth of the matter is, I wasn’t holding myself accountable. Though I’m not completely out of the woods, today I can confidently look forward with a clear understanding that the best is yet to come and the world hasn’t heard the last of me.

Daily Dose #2

#CrisisProvesCharacter: How are you dealing with a crisis? Do you need tools or tips on navigating your crisis? (DAY 2/30)


Each day, for the next 30 days, I’m going to share one personal example related to the poem “The Man Who Dares”, as well as one story about a real person from my life’s journey who exemplifies it.


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If YOU or someone you know has a moving personal story of living through crisis, and how your character was built as a result of it, please reach out to me, or tag that person in the comments below. Especially during this time, we need to share, hear and celebrate the stories that give us clarity on how we can live and grow, not in spite of these challenging times, but because of them.

Daily Dose #1

DAY 1/30


The man who decides,
What he wants to achieve
And works till his dreams all come true,
The man who will alter his course
when he must
And bravely begin something new,
The man who’s determined
to make his world better
Who’s willing to learn and to lead,
The man who keeps trying
and doing his best
Is the man who knows how to succeed.